Friday, 18 February 2011

A little bit of recycling

I did a bit of cutting and crocheting today. It was meant to be a practice run really but I'm quite pleased with the result.
This was a piece of fleece fabric, left over from a long forgotten project and left to languish in the basement with a lot of other long forgotten projects.
I had come across an article recently about recycling fabrics by cutting them in to strips and crocheting them into a bath mat. The strips are about 15mm wide and crocheted on a 10mm hook so once you get past the cutting the crocheting bit is really quick.

I think, to be honest that the fleece was a bit too thick but it worked up really quickly and is now about 12 inches in diameter and that only took four rounds with my big fat 10mm hook.
I'm going to have to root around for something else to cut up now as I have just about run out of this fleece. It would obviously defeat the purpose if I went out and bought fabric wouldn't it...


Fiona said...

Great idea! Do you stitch the lengths together before you start? Or do you live with lots of ends to sew in afterwards?

Buy Design said...

Ahh Fiona, I thought you would like this one. When you cut the strips you only cut to about 15mm before the end of the fabric then turn it round and start cutting 15mm (or so, it doesn't have to be exact) above the first strip. Then you keep going..and roll it all into a ball. I used a piece of fleece about a metre sq. Hope that makes sense. I'll take another pic and try to show it a bit clearer tomorrow.