Friday, 26 February 2010

Gifts and giveaways

We've had a pretty miserable couple of months. Freezing temperatures, snow, galeforce winds, rain, more snow, ice ..... Thank goodness for good friends and generous customers who have kept me topped up with fun projects to keep me busy.
My friend Mel, who I am trying to persuade to start a blog of her holiday cottages at Pondfauld , gave me a kit to crochet snow flakes. Now you would think we had seen enough snow and it's a long time till Christmas but I think these will look fab in my window next December.
A couple of weeks ago I won a blog giveaway from Miriam at bubbachenille which included some lovely purple buttons. Here is what I did with them.
Then one of my customers, a lovely lady called Joyce, brought me a long blue necklace which she had bought but never worn because despite being a super colour it just didn't suit her. The question was could I use it to make something else. Well here it is. One necklace is now a three piece set, necklace, bracelet and ear rings and I still have a few tiny beads left over to crochet in to another bracelet.
And finally, I was given this fab, fluffy yarn. Another customer spotted it in a Pound shop. Three for a pound and she thought of me. Thats a project for later in the year but I can just picture a cute snowman in that yarn.

Thanks everybody for keeping me busy.
Love, Fiona x

Monday, 22 February 2010

Just a little ramble

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take a wee run out in the car and ended up in Pitlochry. Only about 30 miles away but if you take the scenic route, which we did, it's like going to a different world. Twisty, turny roads, single track in places, and sheep wandering along the side of the road, certainly make it an interesting drive. Of course being the driver means you miss some of the scenery as you are focusing on the sheep that is just about to cross your path but so long as your passenger keeps up the tour guide commentary you don't miss much.
Essential to any trip in my family is the availability of a nice cup of tea and a scone so that was the first stop when we reached Pitlochry. Next on the list is a visitor centre, which we found at the Heather Gems workshop and gallery. I've often seen Heather Gems jewellery but never knew how it was formed and now I do, so as well as beautiful scenery and I nice cuppa I also learned something new.
We had a lovely walk through the town and ended up at the Festival Theatre for lunch, another walk along the river and over then wobbly bridge to take photos. I hope you like the view. I feel sorry for the poor duck in the icy river though.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Date for your diary

It's been a bit of a quiet week since I last posted any news. Think I lost my get-up-and-go for a couple of days but it's coming back now.
I've just confirmed my first craft fair of the year which will be on Saturday 6th March at St Andrews church hall in Dundee. That's the one just beyond the Wellgate Centre. It's being organised by the Dundee and District Woodturners and there will be a whole variety of crafters taking part.
They held a fair at the same venue last year which was excellent. Good stalls, good company and we got to watch a wedding party arriving in the afternoon at the church next door.
Just got to get stocked up now and off we go.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thank you Bubba Chenille

Many thanks to Bubba ChenilleI won a give away last week and it arrived today all the way from Australia. The postman thinks I am a jet setter now, receiving foreign parcels on a Tuesday.
I now have lots of goodies to play and create with. Here is a wee look at what I found when I opened my Air Mail package.  It will all be put to good use.
I'm planning a button necklace for myself as I usually put everything I make in the shop and...... wait and see.

Valentine's Windows.

As promised here are some photos of the Valentine's Windows here in Alyth. You will probably notice the photographer (me) reflected in just about every one. I have never claimed to be a photographer though so I think I can get away with that little mistake.

So what can you see then? Lots of hearts and flowers, teddy bears, beautiful Barbie smiling out from the bakers. It is lovely to see so many shops taking part and these are just the shops neighbouring Buy Design. There may well be some more round on the square so if you are local you will just have to pop round for a look.

Monday, 8 February 2010

More Valentine's Windows

Love is definately in the air here in Alyth. I've just been out to buy milk ---- bit of a last minute dash as we had run out ---- and as I was going down the street I noticed just how many of the shops have risen to the challenge of decorating their windows for Valentine's day.
It's a bit too dark right now but I will be out tomorrow with my camera and by lunch time I should have a nice bunch of pictures on here.
Time for a nice cup of tea now (with milk)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Love is in the Air(lie Street)

Well here are a few photos of my Valentine's Window. It's all been a bit of fun really. Started with the notion to learn to crochet and ended with a crocheted window. I may have lost the plot with the wine bottle on the left but hey ho !!

The little red roses are brooches and would make a nice and lasting Valentine's gift. Why have real roses which are only going to die in a vase when you can wear a lasting reminder of how loved you are.

Sylvia has brought down some very pretty Valentine's cards along with some others which although they do not have a Valentine's message, would also be very suitable for the occasion.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I'm a Winner

I have just won a blog give-away. What a great start to the day. Miriam at Bubbachennille is celebrating her 200th blog and picked me out of the bowl. I will now be stalking the poor postman.
I really enjoy reading Miriam's blog which is all about sewing and handmade shows and family and allsorts.
Work to be done now, window to finish, pictures to take.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Window Dressing

If you have been here before you may have read about the window competitions here in Alyth. The Christmas Competition is always the best and every shop takes part. Easter, last year was pretty good too. But now we have the challenge of the Valentine's Window.
I have been busy making lots of little goodies : mostly with my newly learned crochet skills. It's been lots of fun and I thought I was well prepared.
I only went and forgot just how big my window is. Off I went today, climbing the step ladder, hanging crocheted hearts, full of the joys of life.
An hour later I stepped outside to have a look and was soo disappointed. It all looks a bit minimalist, and while that might be seen as a good thing, it's not quite the look I was after.
I'm taking a wee break now from the crochet hook but have just finished another heart pillow and rose corsage to add to the display.
Hopefully be back tomorrow with piccies of the finished display.

Monday, 1 February 2010

New Look

I have been playing around a bit with my layout. I keep visiting blogs that look fabulous and decided I needed a bit of a face lift. What do you think ? Any comments or advice would be welcomed.
Fiona x