Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Wedding Request

I am pretty excited at the moment as I have been asked if I can do a full set of jewellery for a wedding next May. I have had commissions in the past for the mother of the bride, and the grannie of the bride, but this is my first for the main wedding group. Bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls. Today I was out choosing a selection of brown and cream pearls and will be putting together a few ideas this week. It's a lovely thought that my creations will be going to such a special event.
Of course this meant another trip to my favourite bead shop and I was so tempted by all the lovely new beads. I was reasonably sensible bearing in mind that Christmas is on the way, but really, you can never have too many beads.
The weekend was really busy. The craft fair at Abernethy was really good fun. Jacqui Bell was there with her bags and we had a good catch up and a giggle. My neighbour was a lovely girl called Catherine, who is a dressmaker and designer. She recycles and customises clothes and accessories. Very talented girl. Her website is still in the early stages but she hopes to launch in the near future at http://www.palefacemakes.co.uk/
And now, back to work.


bubbachenille said...

Congratulations, certainly a nice feather in your cap !

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Fiona!
Can't believe I'm still here! Have been out in the studio making Christmas stock today - unbelievable! Even considered taking some sewing into the hospital with me tomorrow (if I don't go through the night, fingers crossed) but I think that's taking it a bit far!
Shall pop into the shop and say hello when me and the buba are out and about - hopefully soon in this lovely autumn weather!

Lisa x