Saturday, 3 October 2009

Burpers, Bibs and Boottees

So, the last time I blogged I told you I had been too busy to blog and it is now two weeks later. I have been busy but I think it was all worth while. We have a free monthly newsletter here in Alyth called the Alyth Voice. It's a bit like a local directory for businesses with a little bit of local news and gossip thrown in. If you fancy a look it is on line at
Well ,the deadline for articles is 17th of each month so I submitted an article about our new arrival 'Burpers, Bibs and Bootees' and then panicked. One of our ladies who does wonderful needle work has been having a lot of trouble with her eyes and has had to put it aside till she has an op. This meant a lot more sewing for me and my poor old 25 year old sewing machine really felt the strain. I'm going to treat it to a service now in appreciation of all its hard work. Somebody told me you should do this every year so I guess I have done well to keep it going this long without a single service.

Thursday 1st October came along a lot sooner than expected but thankfully everything came together and the new range has been launched. Previously we had only cards for new babies and now we have a really nice range of gorgeous things that nearly makes me broody. We have little hats and mits and bootees, all knitted by myself and Maureen.
We have tiny little silver bangles which I think are wonderful even if it does sound like boasting. Often you get lovely little baby bangles and by the time your baby is old enough to wear one, it is too small for them. I have made these ones open in style and whilst they are very easy to wear as they are , they come with offer to reshape them as your child grows. Pretty good eh?

That's my daughter holding one. Her hand looks really big by comparison, but I can still remember a time when it would have fitted her perfectly. Do you like the little freckle on her finger? It was one of the first things I noticed when she was born. My other daughter has a ruby birth mark at the bottom of her back shaped like a map of New Zealand. When she was little, and even now really, it has changed colour when she has a temperature. Like a built in thermometer!!! Very useful.

Here are some of Sylvia's new baby cards. We have a full range of cards for all occasions but thought the baby ones deserved a stand of their own right beside the rest of the baby goods.
A lot of people are reluctant to buy clothes for new babies as they tend to get so many that they never get to wear them all. Another option here is a nice little cross stitch picture for baby's room.

And here is a look at the full range. There are some lovely towels, some matching bibs and burper cloths, knitted wash mits with baby soaps all tied up with a bow and some little terry towelling pillows trimmed with silky ribbon.

And that concludes our tour of Burpers, Bibs and Boottees at Buy Design. Hope you enjoyed it.

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