Thursday, 29 October 2009

Dippy Bears are here

The clocks went back at the weekend and it is starting to get dark about five o'clock. In some ways it's a bit depressing,but it means that Christmas is getting closer and since I love Christmas I am actually quite enjoying the change. In a couple of weeks I will be decorating my Christmas window, switching on lots of unnecessary, yet very pretty, lights and looking each day for signs of snow. Lots of new stock will be arriving in the next few weeks and I will do my best to keep everyone up to date with what is new.

Just realised this afternoon that I hadn't done a post about this new arrival in Buy Design. Dippy Bears are basically soft toys dipped in scented wax. They look and smell absolutely gorgeous and the scent lasts for ages. Much more attractive than the usual plastic air fresheners and safer than a scented candle. We currently have five scents. Fresh Cotton, Baby Powder, Lemon Peel, Freesia, and Chanel no.5

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boo vake said...

can't quite get my head round dipping a poor bear in wax....but hope all is good with you Fiona!! Arlene x