Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mel's Legs

Last night I was at my friend Mel's. A few months ago Mel, who owns Pondfauld Holiday Cottages, decided that she wanted to start a club. It has to be said that Mel is a little bit mad, but she reckoned that many of her friends are quite extraordinary women and that we should all meet up and share our knowledge and skills. Sounds pretty grand though it's really just a chance to get together for a chat and a bit of a giggle. Last night Elaine demonstrated the art of water-colour painting. She really is very good. Muriel decided to have a go herself while Mel and I hit the supper table, moving swiftly on to the cakes. During the course of the chocolate brownies someone came up with the idea of crafting holidays in Mel's cottages, where Mel would provide the accommodation and myself and Elaine would provide the crafts. It's something to think about and just might happen later in the year. Oh and just to explain the title: Our club is called the League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen,aka, Mel's Legs.

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