Thursday, 21 May 2009

2nd Blog

Thursday morning sees me back in the shop, with at least some of my To Do list completed. Seems a shame that on my days off it rained non stop and today the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I spent some time rearranging my window display. I only really have enough room for five or so items at a time so I change the display regularly, giving everyone a 'turn' in the window. Today we have a floral arrangement from Mary in Aberdeen, a vase with a beautiful glaze from Kerstin in Alyth, bags from Jacqui in Kirriemuir, some of Cathy's etched glass, and a funky pig called Snort who no doubt will be going to live in someone's patio very soon. I had a visit this morning from Sylvia who makes cards for Buy Design. She brought along some new cards so the display is looking good with something for just about any occasion.

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