Monday, 18 May 2009

First Blog!!!

Hi, this is Fiona from Buy Design joining the blogging world.
Just a note to say that we have just passed our first birthday. Whoever says starting a business in the middle of a credit crisis is silly obviously hasn't met me. To be honest we had already opened, but only just.
Buy Design is a lovely little shop in Alyth, Perthshire. We sell a wide range of hand-crafted gifts and accessories made by locals. I personally make all the jewellery and I have to admit, it's really rather nice....
Pop in and say Hi. We're open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9.30 till 5.oo. I usually nip off for lunch about one o'clock, but there's a lovely little cafe round the corner, if you feel the need to do so too.

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