Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Scottish Summer................

Does this look like summer to you ? Streams of rain water running down the road and the kind of puddles that van drivers just love to drive through at speed. There's nothing quite like an accidental splashing from a white van and a big puddle.
Strangely enough, some of my happiest childhood memories involve going out play in shorts, gagoule and Jesus sandals.
Maybe we were just easily pleased in the "olden days".  When it wasn't raining, and when the sun was shining, we used to spend hours sitting at the side of the road bursting tar bubbles. It was a quiet street with very few cars passing by which meant that in between splashing in puddles and bursting tar bubbles, we had plenty of time to make up words from the car number plates. Bonus points for the longest word of course.
Sadly, my children won't play anymore..

Meanwhile, across the road at the church hall the anuual Kirk Sale is taking place.
Just closed for the afternoon which is why there are no bargain hunters to be seen here. The people of Alyth are very generous, donating unwanted stuff every year. And the bargain hunters of Alyth just love it.
The sale is open all week from 10 till 4pm, then again from 6 till 8pm.
Who knows what the final total will be but I'm pretty sure that last years figures are going to be beaten.
I heard yesterday that the total on the first day was £2900. Pretty impressive for a small town with a population of around 2500, and that was just on the one day.
I wonder if they have any brollies...

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