Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Creative Space.

What could be better than a little dolly to match your blanket ?

Maybe a little dolphin to match your blanket.
I decided our baby corner needed something new and colourful. These little blankets are just the right size for tucking little toes in, all nice and cosy in the car seat. And since each one has it's own matching toy they make the perfect travel set.
For once I can honestly say that I didn't go out and buy any more yarn this week. The benefits of keeping even the tiniest bits of yarn have certainly paid off and my secret stash ( the one we don't admit to ) is looking a lot more respectable.
Now I will just have to put together some other colour combinations and make some more baby travel sets.
I'm off to visit some creative spaces now. Why not come along HERE

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Sam Findlay said...

Ghosts such a great idea! I love accessories! Great colour combinations too!