Thursday, 30 June 2011

My Creative Space

My Creative Space today was ever so slightly hi-jacked at lunch time when a text message reminded me of a deadline I had forgotten about.
The simple question "Is your bear ready for the Teddy Bear Trail ?" lead to the one word answer "oops"
I've mentioned a few times about our various window competitions here in Alyth.
The teady bear trail is slightly different in that there is no prize for any shop keepers. The idea is that by having a Teddy Bear theme in all our windows over the summer will encourage people to take a walk around town, looking in windows and answering the questions on an entry form along the way. The hope of course is that people will become more aware of what is available in local shops and will therefore be more supportive to local businesses.
This years teddies will all have different flowers which have to be identified.
The long answer to the question was that my flower was ready but Teddy ( who I had decided, perhaps a little rashly, to knit ) only had one arm, his head was in the bag with his ears and his body was only half stuffed. Poor Teddy.
So this afternoon, instead of making jewellery, I was knitting, stuffing and sewing him all together.
Before he got down to work, posing in the window with a fetching button-hole flower, he had a wee shot on the rocking horse.

To be honest, he is a wee bit chubby, and his head is a wee bit wobbly but he is quite a cutie.
I hope people will recognise what kind of flower he is wearing because for once in my life I actually followed a pattern for this one.
Feel free to answer that one but unless you are prepared to walk round Alyth on a rainy summer afternoon there's no prize for getting it right.
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Fiona said...

Adorable! What a good way to spend an afternoon ... I'm on a crafting break while family visit (but with fingers itching to do something!!).

Morrgan said...

Awwww, I love him. :D What a sweetie!

quilary said...

Wow that was very quick - and he's a cutie!

Anna Kay Creations said...

Awww..the teddy is such a cutie