Thursday, 12 May 2011

Our Creative Spaces

This week I have spent a fair amount of time rooting around in the "change tin".
I think everyone has one of these where various family members drop their loose change. The denomination of the loose change depends very much on the person doing the dropping, the size of their purse, or the depth of their pockets. You very rarely find anything more than a twenty pence in ours, though occasionally a fifty pence appears. However, for what I had in mind, I was happy with the selection of one pence pieces at my disposal.
I was inspired by a Creative Space which I found last week and wanted to make a special bracelet for myself. Wendy at littlegreenbums had been playing with loose change too.
This is what I made.

I chose five pennies from five special years, representing five special people in my life.
I drilled two holes in each coin, filed and tidied the holes, polished all the coins with my favourite new toy... a perfect little mini drill with polishing attachments... then linked them all with little copper coloured jump rings. I was so pleased with my special bracelet that I went back to the change tin and found five special coins for my sister.

If you want to join in with other creative people sharing their creative spaces click Our Creative Spaces which is a new blog from Kirsty at Kootoyoo.


Fiona said...

I've got lots of the Euro equivalents!! Andy doesn't do coins - so his pockets are regularly offloaded into my purse (however he pinches the notes!).

Lovely bracelet!

Wendy said... looks terrific! Amazing how two people can put such a different spin on a concept...

Thanks for the link-back!


quilary said...

Ah I can finally leave a comment!
I love the bracelets, such a great idea - worth their weight in...