Sunday, 5 December 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

During the summer.... ahh seems like a long time ago.. I came across the blog of Hey Harriet with the lovely challenge of photographing shadows and posting them on Sundays to share with shadow followers around the world. I really enjoyed looking at everyday things in different ways and trying to improve my photographic skills along the way.
So in a bid to get away from talking about snow I decided to look for shadows here in Alyth this morning. The sun was very weak, but any sun at all and no snow is a blessing so I did my best.
That's me, in the middle. My shadow looks like the Bishop in our chess set. A bit bizarre as I'm pretty sure I look nothing like a Bishop but then they do say that the camera never lies...

It was just a quick walk through the wee park and it looks so pretty.

So far the burn hasn't frozen over as it did last winter. It was lovely to see the sky so blue and the hills in the distance. I'm going to have to try and get some shots in the evening when the lights along the burn are lit. We have been adding to them over the last few years and they now go all the way up to the second bridge and look gorgeous.. so Christmassy.

No excuses for this shot which I took yesterday.
He's a Fireman.
One of the local volunteer firemen to be exact.
They came out to remove some massive icicles hanging from the roofs. We were all a bit concerned that someone could get hurt if the icicles fell off.
So that's it for now.
and Firemen.
Have a look over HERE for more shadows x


Fiona said...

It looks very pretty ... but I know how cold it must be!!

Hey Harriet said...

You make a lovely bishop! These photos are all so lovely! And I find it quite surreal that a fireman is called out to remove icicles! I like it! Have a great week :)

Buy Design said...

Thanks guys, you are both right. Very pretty, very cold and very surreal.

Amanda said...

what a nice idea (looking at the world through shadows - i love new perspectives!)

the photo of the burn (this word gives me Diana Galbaldon Outlander flashbacks - i'm so in love with those books!!!) is amazing!!! so pretty!

Amanda said...

the Outlander series is my favourite - historical dramas are my favourite & if there's a bit of the supernatural in there, all the better! :)

thanks for stopping by my blog - those cookies do look amazing! i'm hoping i can make some half as pretty!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Must be oh so cold but that snow looks lovely! So did the icicles on the shop!!!

Jenny Blair said...

Beautiful photos! i love your theme today....of shadows, icicles and firemen...random but works perfectly :)
I have never spent so much time staring up at rooves and gutterings in my life! The icicles are something to behold, but yes pretty treacherous...hadn't thought of the masterplan of requesting the assistance of a fireman though!! Genius :)