Wednesday, 24 November 2010

You can tell it's nearing Christmas when.....

....... you attend a cake decorating demonstration and find that the cake is made of florists oasis and that the decorations aren't made from sugar paste.
Now I'm all for trying something different but floral art and cake decorating are not high on my list of accomplishments. Visions of some of my confectionary creations still horrify my kids who would plead for a 'bought cake please' whenever they were inviting friends round for birthday tea.
Likewise, give me a bunch of flowers and I will stick them in a vase, tweak the occasional bud to face the front, and feel like I have created something wonderful.
So I hope you enjoy the one and only floral / confectionary creation which is ever going to be seen around here.


Fiona said...

Maybe you could crochet some Christmas cake decorations?!! I go for the rough and ready snow effect icing and a big red ribbon round the side - I know my limits!!

Buy Design said...

Nice one Fiona, I will just add that idea to my ever growing TO DO list. First snow this afternoon so Santa must be getting close.