Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 5 in the Winter wonderland

There's not much "going out" happening around here as we reach day 5 of the Great Perthshire Snow of 2010. So there has been plenty of time to crochet hats for the family. Rhona wanted one with ears and that's just what she got.

Night time photography isn't my best achievement but you hopefully get the idea here.
Despite heavy snow on Friday night there was still a great turn out on Saturday evening to see the switch on parade. Here comes the pipe band leading the parade.

Not really going that fast but somehow I got a nice effect as the band passed the shop.

And here comes Santa on the four wheel drive which all self respecting Santas will be travelling in this year.
Last year he travelled by tractor but this year the tractors were a bit busy digging cars out of snowdrifts further up the glen.

And then came Sunday. Such a lot of snow.

The drive was cleared on Saturday to get my car into the garage and now look at it.
Going to be a big job getting out of this. Thankfully we don't have to be anywhere for a couple of days.

I decided against hanging my washing out on the line. Good choice I think...
Besides which, the tumble drier is in the downstairs toilet and while it is tumbling away it makes the toilet really warm and cosy..

Nearly lost my wellies in the snow.. In some parts it came up over the top of my super Jelly Bean Wellies.
Ha.. in some parts it came up over the top of my wee dog.

No wonder she is so keen to get back in the house before it starts to snow again.

Time to get crocheting more hats for the shop I think, and maybe a couple of dog coats.


Fiona said...

You need a snow blower! Even if we've had fairly major snow fall (half a metre or so) it can clear the drive / pavements in under half an hour. The one downside is that it does need someone to operate it and I'm never very keen when the thermometer dips below minus 15 (so, for most of Jan / Feb). And we're lucky enough to live in a warmer part of Canada!!

The problem in the UK is that people are so unused to the white stuff that they're not equipped with basics like snow shovels (so much lighter and more efficient than a garden spade) or de-icing crystals to keep the driveways from freezing over again. This will be my third Canadian winter and I think we're fairly used to snow now. The way the roads are cleared round here is amazing too - but they've had loads of practice and never, ever run out of gritting salt!

Hope the cold snap doesn't last for too much longer over there!

Buy Design said...

Sounds like a great gadget, so much more fun than shovelling the snow. Having said that of course I do think that clearing snow is a MAN'S job. Nothing sexist about it.. I admit to being a wimp and let the men get on with it.

Fiona said...

I do so agree .. however my husband has an uncanny knack of being out of the country on business whenever we have 'big weather'... often in the southern hemisphere. He's learned not to whinge about the heat while I'm shivering up here! He's only once been here for major snowfall and he's missed every single tornado warning / watch (they're far worse). Needs must - I've become an expert at snow removal!!