Thursday, 25 November 2010

My Creative Space.

It's been all go in here this week.
It started on Sunday morning, bright and early with a collection of tractors and cherry-pickers on the street as the 'boys' of the town started to put up the Christmas lights.
The average age of the 'boys' can only be imagined but they are a hardy lot who work really hard every year to make our little town gorgeous over the festive period.

I was hoping for an action shot but got out with my camera just in time for tea break.
Believe me though, they worked really hard and we are all really looking forward to the switch on parade this coming Saturday.
Saturday 27th November is Victorian Day. This is the day when the shop workers (and anyone else who feels like it) get the chance to dress up in fancy dress and just enjoy ourselves and be a little bit silly. I can't wait to get our costumes out this year as we had such a good time last year.
The end of the day sees the torchlight parade up the street and the switch on of the Christmas lights.
There is a prize for the best-dressed staff on the day, but really it's just good fun.
Victorian Day is also the target for getting our windows ready for the Christmas Window Competition.
I'm just about there now.
A quick break now for dinner and I will be back with the results of what went on in My Creative Space today. In the meantime have a look at other spaces HERE at Kootoyoo.
( little confession here.... I can't get my photos to load just now and I really want to hit the computer... so in the interest of my sanity I will leave and come back later..)

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