Monday, 15 June 2009

Another Manic Monday

My Mondays aren't really that manic at all but once I get a song in my head it stays there at lot longer than necessary. It was quite a busy weekend though. On Saturday I drove down to Linwood, Renfrewshire, to take part in my sister Jackie's church fete. I'm not much of a motor-way driver and I spend most of the journey thinking I will miss a junction and end up going in the wrong direction. When we lived in Kent I tried to go from Dartford to Bexleyheath on the A2 once. It should have taken about ten minutes but somehow I got in the wrong lane at a roundabout, got on to the M25, and had no idea how to get off. Thankfully there was a full tank of petrol and the sun was shining. Still not sure exactly where we went that day but I remain cautious of motor-ways even now. No such drama on Saturday though. My youngest daughter Rhona came with me and we had a lovely day. We met some very nice people who liked my work and I have been asked to do a craft fair around Christmas time in the same area.
The afternoon was finished off with a family meal out before heading back home on the motor-way. I think I am getting the hang of it now. Roll on the next big adventure.
Mark Baker came in the shop this afternoon with some more of his lovely stained glass. We had a bit of a move around with cabinets and shelving last week and so I was able to find a nice place to display his work today. It's all looking really good just now.


Fallen Angel Designs said...

Hi Fiona,
Found your comment on my blog, thanks for the compliment! I am now following your blog.
I'm only new to blogging too, your blog and jewellery are great!

Buy Design said...

Good to hear from you. I will add you to my little list of blogs I follow. It is a very small list but am sure it will grow as I find my way around blog world. Hope you keep finding "spare time" to make your lovely jewellery.