Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A fond farewell.

The problem with making something that you really really like, when you are making it to sell, is that you kind of hope that no one will want to buy it. I made this quite a few months ago and was particularly pleased with the hairy texture. It was the first time I had used my new texturing hammer. I was starting to think that maybe I could keep him....
Then.... I had a lovely new customer today who took one look at my little Scottie Dog necklace and decided to treat herself. I'm sure he will be really happy with his new owner but I did feel a little bit sad to see him go.
Of course it's possible that I could make another one for myself but then it wouldn't be unique.
Is it sad that I went looking for photos of him on the computer...?
Anyway, the only one I seem to have saved was taken before he was polished. How sad am I.. Maybe I should print this one off,  frame it, and keep it where sane people keep photos of their children.
Just kidding ( really...)


Fiona said...

I have a similar but different problem. I have a friend in Brazil who wants everything I make (OK - she's prepared to pay for it too) and a mother-in-law who thinks I make everything for her even when I say I've made it for me or as a present for someone else. So I sometimes end up parting with things that I never intended to!!

It is sad, isn't it?! You'll have to make yourself a necklace using the same technique but in a different design and never put it in the shop for sale!

Nikki said...

I know what you mean.... Happens all the time. Sometimes I just give in and keep something I made and love. I justify it by telling myself that it's marketing... and it usually ends up being that way (a conversation-starter on a bus, in a shop etc).

Adriana said...

You should treat yourself to a new necklace. Maybe slightly different. Even better than this one.
Like Nikki said - you should always show off your own designs!

He is very sweet though, isn't he...?

quilary said...

He's very sweet and the texture really looks like fur - that's amazing.