Thursday, 28 June 2012

Just in case you were wondering ...

I'm still alive. 
I've been busy busy for the last six months and a bit neglectful of my shop blog. That's my first Open University course finished now, which is a shame because I was having so much fun. So much fun, that I have registered for the advanced course and will be starting again with my studies in October. 
In the meantime I need to get cracking on some new products for this year's Perthshire Open Studios which takes place in September.
I'll try not to leave it so long before my next post.
Fiona x


Fiona said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your course and that's always good ... but it's nice to hear from you again!

Buy Design said...

Oh I am terrible. I make my first post for months and announce that I won't leave it so long till the next one, and then disappear for another month.
Nice to hear from you Fiona. I will be back .. soon x