Friday, 11 November 2011

My Creative Space

Mrs Claus is a wee bit fed up and could do with a bit of advice.
The question is.. How old is too old to be wearing matching outfits with your husband?
'It's all very well for these young ones,' she says but she really would like a bit of a change.

She's been wearing red all her married life and quite fancies a nice blue dress that she saw on the internet, but Santa says No Ho Ho..
She even thought a new hair style might be nice. Santa wants her to keep it white like his and wouldn't let her dye it brown, so she tried something a bit more extreme.
Shaved her head and got her nose pierced..

Not really a good look but it was worth it to see Santa's face.
It's all grown back again now, which is probably just as well.

The one thing she does like though, is her new red knickers.

I'm running  a wee bit late this week but hopefully there's still enough time to join ourcreativespaces


Fiona said...

Naughty Santa ... he should cut Mrs S some slack!! Love the skinhead look - very 80's!

Ady said...

Awww - Mrs Claus is lovely! I'm not sure about her skinhead look. But I like the little sparkly piercing - every girl needs sparkly things. I love her red knickers!! Every girl should have a pair.