Thursday, 29 September 2011

Que Sera Sera ....

What ever will be will be...
And whatever doesn't turn out the way I planned will just have to be taken apart and started again.
It's been a funny couple of weeks around here.
After the rush and excitement of Open Studios it all felt a bit flat for a week or so.
I'm just about back in my stride again and looking ahead to what my customers might want for Christmas. We are being told by the weather forecasters that we are in for another harsh winter so I'm hooking up a storm and crocheting the days away. At the last count there were another dozen cosy hats waiting to keep out the winter chill. So how annoying do you think it is to find that the country is being treated to an "Indian Summer" ?
The "boys on the bridge" assure us that the snow will be coming early this year so maybe I should just stick to the original plan for hats, mits, ear warmers and cosy scarfs. Mind you I do have a cute pattern for a crocheted bikini.

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quilary said...

Hi Fiona, the same thing is happening her (well reverse the seasons though). We are supposed to be in Spring, but are having a reprise of winter - cold windy days, rain and very little sun. At this rate, I'll have the snowy Christmas and you'll be having a BBQ for Christmas lunch!