Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 5 in the Winter wonderland

There's not much "going out" happening around here as we reach day 5 of the Great Perthshire Snow of 2010. So there has been plenty of time to crochet hats for the family. Rhona wanted one with ears and that's just what she got.

Night time photography isn't my best achievement but you hopefully get the idea here.
Despite heavy snow on Friday night there was still a great turn out on Saturday evening to see the switch on parade. Here comes the pipe band leading the parade.

Not really going that fast but somehow I got a nice effect as the band passed the shop.

And here comes Santa on the four wheel drive which all self respecting Santas will be travelling in this year.
Last year he travelled by tractor but this year the tractors were a bit busy digging cars out of snowdrifts further up the glen.

And then came Sunday. Such a lot of snow.

The drive was cleared on Saturday to get my car into the garage and now look at it.
Going to be a big job getting out of this. Thankfully we don't have to be anywhere for a couple of days.

I decided against hanging my washing out on the line. Good choice I think...
Besides which, the tumble drier is in the downstairs toilet and while it is tumbling away it makes the toilet really warm and cosy..

Nearly lost my wellies in the snow.. In some parts it came up over the top of my super Jelly Bean Wellies.
Ha.. in some parts it came up over the top of my wee dog.

No wonder she is so keen to get back in the house before it starts to snow again.

Time to get crocheting more hats for the shop I think, and maybe a couple of dog coats.

Monday, 29 November 2010

We're walking in the air......

So here it is in all it's glory.
This years Christmas Window display is The Snowmans Christmas Ceilidh
Good old Santa sitting in the corner waiting patiently for his guitar solo, while Jock Bon Jovi, the famous Perthshire Piper plays 'Highland Cathedral' on his pipes.
Tough competition this year with some really good windows around the town.

Judging isn't for another week or so, so I will keep you posted on how we get on and show some more of the windows just as soon as I get them photographed. Bit tricky to do that today as what feels like a mountain of snow fell over the weekend. But hey ho.. at least it feels Christmassy around here.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Victorian Day

Saturday 27th November was the date for Alyth's Victorian Day
A quick recap if you weren't here last year.
Victorian Day is the day we switch on our little town's Christmas Lights. We are very proud of our Christmas Lights as they aren't provided by the local council, but have been built up over the last few years by enthusiastic fundraisers and many many coffee mornings.
The day starts with shopkeepers in Fancy Dress, endless photo opportunities, a charity Victorian Style Market in the afternoon, then the switch on parade up the main street and into the Square for music from Perthshire Brass and Alyth Pipe Band.
There are certificates for the best 3 fancy dress and a shield for the winner as chosen by the Citizen and Young Citizen of the year.
All round, it's just a lovely day to be part of.

Big thanks to 'my man' for tackling the job of clearing the path in front of the shop. We had our first snowfall on Friday night and the morning was freezing cold.

Me and my Boy. Since Megan went to Uni in Aberdeen my son Calum has been helping out on Saturdays. He is studying drama and quite enjoyed playing the part of distinguished young gentleman.

I loved my Mary Poppins outfit. Not quite the weather for a '...jolly holiday..' but I kept singing Mary Poppins songs throughout the day. It was ... supercalifragelisticexpialidocious.

Heather in the paper shop spent the morning dressed as Paddington Bear. Sillly girl, ate all her marmalade sandwiches in the first half hour.

Young Kirsty, Super Kirsty helps out in the Tee shirt printing shop next door to Buy Design.

Michael was not a great advert for the Barber of the town in his big affro wig. He was too busy reliving the '70s to care that his hair and moustache were different colours.

If you watch Scottish Television, you will no doubt recognise Isa and Jaavid from 'Still Game'.
If not, then just take my word for it, these two were great.They came 3rd in the competition.

These cool hippies were kept busy in the Co-op. Serving customers and posing for photos.

David in Hobbies tried shouting 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' but it was Muriel's day off so he just had to work.

Pirates took over in the chemist shop but they seemed to be working pretty hard so we let them carry on.

Audrey and Bill looked just like the Victorian Post Master and Mistress.
They were chosen in 2nd place. I love Audrey's dress.

The staff at The Alyth Hotel came 1st and get to keep the shield that they also won last year.
I can't get over that the Boss is in the Scooby Doo suit.
My favourite though is Wee Jack in the Scrappy Doo outfit.

So those are the highlights from my camera.
More about the parade and the switch on next time.
Fiona x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

My Creative Space.

It's been all go in here this week.
It started on Sunday morning, bright and early with a collection of tractors and cherry-pickers on the street as the 'boys' of the town started to put up the Christmas lights.
The average age of the 'boys' can only be imagined but they are a hardy lot who work really hard every year to make our little town gorgeous over the festive period.

I was hoping for an action shot but got out with my camera just in time for tea break.
Believe me though, they worked really hard and we are all really looking forward to the switch on parade this coming Saturday.
Saturday 27th November is Victorian Day. This is the day when the shop workers (and anyone else who feels like it) get the chance to dress up in fancy dress and just enjoy ourselves and be a little bit silly. I can't wait to get our costumes out this year as we had such a good time last year.
The end of the day sees the torchlight parade up the street and the switch on of the Christmas lights.
There is a prize for the best-dressed staff on the day, but really it's just good fun.
Victorian Day is also the target for getting our windows ready for the Christmas Window Competition.
I'm just about there now.
A quick break now for dinner and I will be back with the results of what went on in My Creative Space today. In the meantime have a look at other spaces HERE at Kootoyoo.
( little confession here.... I can't get my photos to load just now and I really want to hit the computer... so in the interest of my sanity I will leave and come back later..)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

You can tell it's nearing Christmas when.....

....... you attend a cake decorating demonstration and find that the cake is made of florists oasis and that the decorations aren't made from sugar paste.
Now I'm all for trying something different but floral art and cake decorating are not high on my list of accomplishments. Visions of some of my confectionary creations still horrify my kids who would plead for a 'bought cake please' whenever they were inviting friends round for birthday tea.
Likewise, give me a bunch of flowers and I will stick them in a vase, tweak the occasional bud to face the front, and feel like I have created something wonderful.
So I hope you enjoy the one and only floral / confectionary creation which is ever going to be seen around here.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

My Creative Space

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember me telling you about the Christmas Window competition here in Alyth. If not, then have a look HERE
So it's that time of year again and my Creative Space has been taken over with plans for this years window.
I seem to be knitting and crocheting non stop with stuff for the window and for customer orders.
I am having a Christmas Shopping Evening with ginger wine and mince pies on Wednesday 17th November which is less than a week away..... and really want to have my window dressed nicely for the occassion.
Most crafters and makers are really busy at this time of year but still seem to find the time to share their work on kootoyoo . Well worth a look if you can spare the time from your busy schedule.
Love from Fiona x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Dear Buy Design

I am sooo looking forward to your Christmas Window Ceilidh.

I got a lovely wee tartan shawl to match my favourite hat.

Is it true that Jock Bon Jovi will be playing his pipes ?
See you soon.
Love from Maisie McSnow x

Monday, 8 November 2010


Dear Buy Design,
Thank you for inviting me to your Christmas Window Ceilidh.
I can't wait to see all my friends again.
I have my outfit sorted and all I need now is a bit of lipstick.

Lots of love from Sally McSnow.